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Our bookings are flexible.  If you provide more than 48 hours notice, there is no extra cost for changes in booking dates or times.  If we cannot jump due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances you can reschedule your skydive at no extra cost, credit and vouchers are valid for 3 years. For any other questions or concerns please check FAQs or contact us.

Leanna PangLeanna Pang
07:44 09 Dec 23
Bob EdwardBob Edward
21:52 06 Dec 23
Have been tandem skydiving at Torquay for many years . The ownership has changed but the new staff are as good as the previous ones and uphold the high standard of professionalism that I have come to expect . It's a great location , from reception to introduction to instructor everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Instructions are easy to understand and every aspect of the jump is clearly explained. I am now 81 have been jumping off and on since 1986 and still enjoy the thrill of the jump . The views from the Cessna while flying to the jump height are fabulous as are the the ones while under canopy . All in all its an amazing experience . Thanks Vinnie for a great jump, I had not jumped since COVID but you rekindled my enjoyment for the sport. Highly recommend Torquay Skydivers .
Azza BazzaAzza Bazza
22:59 28 Nov 23
Absolutely amazing experience. The staff are extremely helpful, there happy fun and outgoing, they definitely made the experience feel more comfortable and overall enjoyable. From the suite up to the landing was a thrilling experience. The diving instructors are so friendly and really connect to you and engage in such a positive way, fely like one big family, and their experience is exceptional. This one is a definite must do for the bucket list of fun exciting things to do A+++ ...
David SeniorDavid Senior
19:23 28 Nov 23
Up close and personal experience of Tiger Moth flights and Skydivers. Great location
Shahul ShaikShahul Shaik
23:25 25 Nov 23
Once in lifetime experience
Harshal DnyansagarHarshal Dnyansagar
06:51 25 Nov 23
It was our first time and both the instructors were so amazing, they properly told us what to expect, what to do when we will be mid air and made sure we were comfortable in the whole diveWould definitely recommend this place because of the view tooLoved it
Marlon FraserMarlon Fraser
23:18 12 Nov 23
Best experience EVER! My guy Vinnie was so fun and took all the pre anxiety jump nerves away. All staff were lovely and super cool. I will be doing this with these guys again and again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Hashan JalathgeHashan Jalathge
10:48 08 Nov 23
Nice place, very friendly staff and instructors, they were really nice and skydiving is a wonderful experience. Here at this facility the jumpers lands to there own yard, so they send a pickup truck to collect the jumpers after the jump. The beach view from the above is breathtaking.
Meirbhin O ConaillMeirbhin O Conaill
11:22 05 Nov 23
Sharath VennuSharath Vennu
22:29 27 Oct 23
Amazing place, very professional instructors. Had a good time and great experience.
Paul WalshPaul Walsh
06:26 27 Oct 23
Stacey JohnsStacey Johns
03:16 27 Oct 23
Hitarth BulsaraHitarth Bulsara
01:10 24 Sep 23
Marisa Di MiltaMarisa Di Milta
01:30 23 Sep 23
I had an incredible tandem skydiving experience with Godwin as my instructor! His patience and encouragement were instrumental in helping me overcome my initial hesitation. Despite having to turn the plane around, he never lost his positivity and enthusiasm. Godwin's professionalism and support made my jump an unforgettable adventure. I can't thank him enough for making it such a memorable day!
Carson LewisCarson Lewis
21:36 19 Sep 23
Syirs KSSyirs KS
04:34 06 Sep 23
Thank you for such amazing hospitality!!! My Skydive instructor (Sam) was super outgoing and made me feel assured and secured. From putting up the harnest for me, jumping off the plane, to landing us safely. He even explained to me in detail how the gears/safety equipments work. Thank you once again guys for the unforgettable experience. Much love from Singapore! x
Hui-chuan HsuehHui-chuan Hsueh
14:49 03 Sep 23
Thanks to my coach Sam for his passion and kindness. His expertise made me feel very secure. When Sam asked me if I would like to skydive again, I should have said: Yes! why not? What a great skydiving experience.
Malay AdhikariMalay Adhikari
03:50 21 Jul 23
This is a great place for skydiving in Torquay. Although it's a fair bit of driving from Melbourne, the amazing views of the great Ocean and the surrounds below, more than make up for the thrill & joy of skydiving here from 12000 to 15000 feet. The facility is pretty good. There's plenty of open/free parking. Coffee, soft drinks, light snacks etc are also available in the adjacent Cafe. The instructors are very experienced, really cool, amazing blokes, who know how to look after their Cargo (that's You -- the Wrapped around customer 😃). I have done quite a few tandem dives from here and had the opportunity to dive/interact with some great blokes like -- Lee(Leeroy), Sam, Simon, Paul, Mark & Bernie (the boss 😁). Now I am waiting for the weather to improve a bit, before I head off for some more Adrenalin Fix. I certainly recommend this facility to anyone looking for some thrilling Adrenalin Sport/adventure.
00:49 10 Jul 23
Jason AscoughJason Ascough
02:48 13 Jun 23
I had an amazing time! Absolutely worth doing at least once.The staff were all amazing. Reception was light hearted & the instructors were all super confident & reassuring.The views were amazing, and it's an adrenaline rush of jumping out of an aeroplane is tough to beat.Although my landing maybe could have been a little smoother, I had an absolute blast.
Marlita RumahorboMarlita Rumahorbo
05:23 03 Apr 23
Words cannot describe this experiences, highly recommended you will not disappointed. The view from the top was amazing and breathtaking.Special thank you to SIMON my tandem skydiver instructor on 10/02/2023. Simon was incredible amazing person nice and friendly who made me felt safe and calm when I was terrified and so nervous.Also big thank you to LEE my tandem skydiver instructor on 02/04/2023, Lee was amazing person and friendly although I’m not as terrifying when I was with Simon but Lee make me felt comfortable throughout the experience safe landed as well.Simon and Lee are great assets for the business.The team who folding the parachute you absolutely gorgeous doing amazing job. Very much appreciated what you are doing.Thanks to receptionist Liza and the lady who changed my family name without my consent LOL sorry I didn’t get your name you are doing amazing. MARK absolutely great.Thanks to pilot who just dumping us in blue skies somewhere over Torquay, you have give as no other choice other than going down.BEST EXPERIENCE EVER definitely will see you in blue skies soon.

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There is always a good excuse to (safely) throw a loved one out of a perfectly good plane! Our instructors are highly experienced, with thousands of jumps each, and qualified by the Australian Parachute Federation.

All our skydiving gift vouchers are valid for 3 years

Torquay Skydivers Contact


Get in touch with any questions for future bookings or issues with existing reservations. We can process your payment with Zip Pay over the phone.

1300 759 348


325 Blackgate Rd, Torquay VIC 3228

Skydiving bookings FAQs

Frequent Questions

If you have any other questions please contact us or visit our full FAQs page

How much does it cost to skydive in Melbourne?

Skydiving Melbourne Great Ocean Road in Torquay

  • Tandem Skydive $399
  • Tandem Skydive with Video and Photos $558
  • Tandem Skydive with ultimate video package $668

We have skydiving skydiving gift vouchers from $399.

Can I cancel a skydiving booking?

Bookings can be canceled up to 48 hours before your skydive without extra fees. You can also make changes to the date and time, up to 24 hours before your skydive.

If we cannot jump due to bad weather or any other circumstances you can change the date of your skydive at no extra cost.

All skydiving credit and vouchers are valid for 3 years. If you have any questions please check our  terms and conditions  or contact us.

Can I change the date or time of a booking?

Yes, if you need to change the day or time of your skydive, we can reschedule at no extra cost, provided you give us at least 24 hours’ notice. Last-minute changes are difficult to accommodate and are subject to a $50 fee. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Can I book a skydive for someone else?

Yes, you can book for someone else, just like you would yourself. Alternatively, we have a range of Skydiving gift vouchers valid for 3 years.

Do you have skydiving vouchers or gift cards?

At Torquay Skydivers we have skydiving gift vouchers from $329. All our gift vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Are skydiving photos or video included?

We have a range of photo and video packages available as extras. You can add your preferred option prior to checkout in the booking process or on the day of your skydive


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