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Welcome to Torquay Skydivers

Our dropzone by the Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic jumping areas of Australia, and the Southern Hemisphere! Fun jumpers are never knee-capped for tandem skydiving and most loads are full of fun jumpers going for fun jumps. It’s a great place to learn to skydive and do fun jumps. It’s all about Friends, Fun and Freefall!

torquay skydivers chief instructor

Torquay skydiving dropzone


325 Blackgate Rd, Torquay VIC 3228
We are located in Torquay, about 15 min from Geelong and 1h drive from Melbourne.


  • Cessna Caravan and Cessna 182
  • Open midweek
  • Load organisers and coaches
  • Gear hiring
  • Rigging services

Awesome Aircraft

Australian Skydive aircraft for skydiving at Torquay include a Cessna Caravan and a Cessna 182. The Caravan is a sensational modern, powerful, turbine aeroplane that flies loads to 14,000ft in around 15 minutes. The Caravan seats up to 17 jumpers and will go as soon as people are ready to jump. It is comfortably decked out with padding and carpeted floors, single point restraints and a large in-flight door.


Mid-Week Jumping Action

With a number of local shift-workers, a few visiting tourists and students, there is usually plenty of mid-week skydiving action to be a part of. Ring and let us know before you come. We can check the weather, find out your requirements and make sure you get on the loads.


Weekend Jumping Action

Fun Jumping is the name of the game and the weekend is full of it! With top load organisers at the dz every weekend, the fun jumping scene and the tandem skydiving at Torquay has been described as healthy and progressive. It is definitely the best jumping scene in Australia! All the sport jumping and competition jumping disciplines are happening every weekend including flat fly, free fly, big-ways, small-ways, canopy jumps, skysurfing, b-rels, star crests, wing suits, early morning swooping etc. It is all happening and available for low experience level jumpers through to the mega experienced.

Australian Skydive-Torquay is a friendly drop zone. it’s easy to get on loads, there are plenty of loads and there is heaps of fun jumping and coaching to choose from. New faces are always welcome and encouraged to get in on the action!

Teams choose to train at Torquay for a number of reasons, mostly the consistent weather, the aircraft and the facilities. Teams are welcome to use the dubbing station and the private Team Room. Competitive prices are available on request.


Fun Competitions

Various fun competition days and “organised” fun jumping days are held throughout the year, generally once a month. Flat fly and free fly coaching days are a regular event, with everybody jumping through the day and then getting together late afternoon for a big-way sunset load, to celebrate the great day. The day’s jumps are played on the big TV and judged at the bar by the audience clap-o-meter.


Load Organisers & Coaches

Every weekend Australian Skydive Torquay appoints a local drop zone Load Organiser who is there to help people get on loads, help get them organised with other jumpers and to make sure they are catered for. If you are new on the dz ask manifest who the load organiser is and get him or her working!

Australian Skydive’s Torquay Drop Zone is also proud to be the home drop zone of a lot top-name Load Organisers and Coaches, many of whom are past or present National Champions, even World Champions. They are happy to cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced skydivers in Formation Skydiving (flat fly), Free Fly, Canopy Formation (CRW) and Canopy Flight (canopy handling).

Australian Skydive’s Torquay Freefly load organisers and coaches provide organised dives, personalised coaching and advancement through the APF Freefly Table for beginner, intermediate and advanced freeflyers.

Canopy Flight coaching is a speciality of Torquay, boasting World Class canopy pilots from several dz CRW teams. One-on-one Canopy Handling jumps are available.


Novelty Jumps

Australian Skydive’s Torquay skydiving specialise in novelty jumps! On any given day enjoy hoop jumps, banana crests, tube dives, pilon races, rodeo dives, wing suits, spheres, hybrids, wagon wheels, tracking and atmonauti dives!



Australian Skydive have 8 sets of equipment with Saphire2 main canopies ranging fron 250-170 sq. ft.. All are for hire. All are maintained by our Australian Skydive Rigger ‘s and are complete with a Cypres AAD. A yearly Gear Hire Scheme is available for new jumpers to help with cheaper hire until they purchase their first set of equipment.

A variety of second hand equipment is for sale in the shop and Australian Skydive are dealers for a variety of quality equipment manufacturers if new custom gear is what you are after.

Gear requirements for free flying include tight closing loops on main and reserve, no worn Velcro, no leg strap throw-aways, a tight BOC, audible altimeter, hard helmet and closed shoes. Australian Skydive hire equipment is freefly friendly.

Australian Skydive souvenir and gear shop has everything in stock to complete every skydivers shopping wish list!



Australian Skydive drop zone has an Rigging Loft available for most of your rigging and packing requirements.



*Prices when Caravan or Grand Caravan in operation. Check with our DZ team for current prices.




To height and H&P

No Expiry




SAVE $120

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To height and H&P

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SAVE $240

No Expiry





APF licence


* Breach of APF or DZ rules carries beer fine (in addition to relevant sanctions)